Monday, August 15, 2011

Yes, I stayed gluten free in Italy.

A trip into Italy without pasta and pizza and bread and cannolis? It can be done. To make up for any perceived sense of loss, however, I ate gelato three times during my afternoon/evening in Venice (fig! pistachio! creme caramel/hazelnut! oh yes so!).
Squid with squid ink and good-n-crispy polenta. Mizz S had a local specialty of calf liver pan fried in olive oil and lemon. Of course we had a large caprese salad as well.
Sambuca on the rocks with a few coffee beans thrown in for good measure.
Me and Mizz S's evening light bite: blue cheese, brie, buffalo mozzarella and parmesan (we think) with honey to accompany.


EcoGrrl said...

amazing. ps you'll have to help me on the G/F thing - i've just started and it's TOUGH!

Sarah said...

It gets easier, I promise! First 30 days are the worst. Now, second nature. (Almost, gluten is vedy vedy tricky!)