Monday, August 8, 2011

Another fine meal in Barca

My last day in Barcelona, I took Mizz S to a quaint little cafe, 4 Gats. The cafe first opened over a hundred years ago, at the time known to be a haunt of the Barcelona art scene, and the place where Picasso had his first informal show. 4 Gats has an intimate feel, quirky and artsy- doesn't hurt that the food is damn good.
Pimientos de padron (fried sweet peppers- yes, I'm an addict) along with escalivada (a potato, onion, pepper, eggplant and tuna dish).
A recent discovery (to me!), orujo de hierbas, an herby liquor served cold and oh so yummy.
Next post: Romania!


EcoGrrl said...

excellent! is it me or does the bicycle picture look a bit racy...or ambiguous...have fun girls!!

Sarah said...

errrrr....uh-huh. ;)