Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hey, I can see my house from here!

Yesterday was an easy day with only one thing on me and Mizz S's agenda: Galata Tower. A nice little stroll from our hotel, and down the busy walking street of Istikal Cadessi, we came upon it in the early afternoon- just in time for me to enjoy a Turkish coffee (I allot one a day). According to the links about it, it was built in 1358 but, according to the tower folks themselves, it was actually built in 528 then later reconstructed by those damn Geneose.

While Mizz S and I stood at the base, outside looking up, we hemmed and hawed about whether it was worth it to trudge to the top. It was hot. We weren't feeling tippy top. Um, it was hot. But we ventured in figuring we could at least look inside and, lo and behold, an elevator! So we did go to the top. And the views were so worth it. As was the Turkish coffee at the cafe topside.
It's from this point that we were weighing that advantages/disadvantages of walking up this bad boy.
Some women look great with wind-swept hair. Then there's me. On an aside, that's Asia beyond my right shoulder whereas I am standing in Europe.
My hair looks way better when I keep my back to Europe.
All the big sites in Istanbul you can see in this pic: Haga Sofia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Spice Market, and lotsa lotsa other mosques.

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