Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh, Dubrovnik!

We spent a day and a half in Dubrovnik, famous for its walled Old City. Our travel accommodations crapped out on us, so Mizz S and I found ourselves in an extremely hilly city, with large packs on our backs, with high temps and high humidity, at the height of the tourist season, with a film festival in town, and no place to sleep. And it was 8 pm. All the hotels nearby on foot were full so we rolled the dice and had a taxi transport us to the Hilton. We figured it'd be pricey. We didn't figure a room would be 572 Euros (folks, that's about 900 smackeroos- for one night! And internet was not included!). Not kidding. So at this point we were resolved to sleeping under the stars but we asked one more place that rented rooms- and she had a friend that had a cousin that once knew a person and, voila! We had a lovely little apartment inside the Old City walls for a most reasonable rate. Although Old City plumbing leaves a bit to be desired.
And some sights as we wandered around the city:
Driving to the airport, with the former brother-in-law of the cousin of the friend who once knew a person who rented us a room. Imagine Croatian pop music for the soundtrack.
Goodbye Dubrovnik!


EcoGrrl said...

love the road shot

Sarah said...

Me too! I scrambled for my camera as we were heading into the "overpasses" but almost missed the shot. I was pleased that I accidentally took a good shot that quickly.