Monday, August 15, 2011

Wrappin' up the 'Rest

As we made our way back into Bucharest, Mizz S and I (two of the least "let's go paaarty" girls around) made a deal that we were, absolutely, without a doubt, come hell or high water, going to go out on Friday night. We did something decidedly out of character and headed for a stereotypically American, corny place: The Hardrock Cafe. As it was on a lake and in an area we thought was up-and-coming, we thought there'd be some party fun. We were not quite right, but at least we got a pic or two hamming it up.
I said "Rock fists!" but she heard, "Hang ten!"
Then we headed to the Old Town and its cafes and bars and Durex Men.
Such baby faces.
The next morning we hardly had an early flight, at noon. We flew out of the smaller airport servicing Bucharest (not OTP) and the scene was more Soviet bus station than airport, but the service on WizzAir was fab, along with the nice shiny Airbus.
My verdict on Romania: I would ABSOLUTELY love to visit again for at least two weeks solid; food is great, people are friendly, prices are cheap, landscapes are gorgeous. A+++++

Off to Venice which, we were told, is the easy way to Slovenia.

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TWest said...

Bothy of you ladies look absolutely gorgeous!