Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jasper wants to know.

This is Jasper's best effort to look miserable on a fine, cool, Wyoming morning. I'm not sure but I think she's been reading over my shoulder and can see that I'm prepping some new journeys.

Nothing all too soon.

I don't head out till mid-October. But I'm planning to be back for the holidays. I don't even think my meager plans warrant an itinerary listing. I'm flying to Sydney; I'm gonna do some WWOOFing while in country, likely still go up to Thailand (thinking near Phuket, but not Phuket itself), perhaps Bali, hopefully also New Zealand. I don't know. If I'm enjoying WWOOFing, I may just stay in one spot. Although taking the train all over Oz sounds pretty cool too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give me your tired, your poor.

I tried to go to the Statue of Liberty yesterday. The last ferry ran at 3:30. Showing up ten minutes prior left me persona non grata. Hey, it was a practice run.

But I made it today. Again, a little late so I could only visit either the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island. I realize the statue is just a statue, but Ellis Island wasn't a hard pull for me because, honestly, few of my ancestors went through there. The only Euro folks of mine that might have gone through there (need to confirm with the woman in the know, mi madre) would have been my Danish side that came to the US in...mmmn....1898? So, long story short, I chose to only visit the statue. And after about ten minutes, I was like 'yep, saw it' so it was queue queue queue for the ferry back.
Manhattan in the background, coming in on the ferry.
Prime posing area.
A million tourists can't be wrong, so I posed away.
Looking out toward Brooklyn Bridge (out on the horizon).

Monday, September 19, 2011

MoMA - the bad.

The following four pictures all depict art displayed at the Museum of Modern Art.

(Answer at the bottom.)

The answer is...
False. Pictures 1 ("Cloth Octagonal2"), 3 (neon and plastic that sits on the ground) and 4 (hay in a six-foot cube) are all displayed art. Picture 2 is a piece of repaired flooring that I think might be a contender if it schmoozes enough.

MoMA - the good.

I didn't come to NYC with much of an agenda. Obviously, I came to visit with a dear friend, but I also want to see the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Museum of Modern art. Last week I knocked out MoMA. My big to-do's there were to see a Lichtenstein and a Pollock (a fine Wyoming boy) which I did manage to see- other than that, it was just a treat to wander around and look at the the creative ways artists can express themselves and their worldviews.

I'm no Lichtenstein-phile but this is my favorite piece of his so I was happy to see it.
I believe this was the only Pollock piece displayed. It was upwards of 20 feet long.
This installation, Sum of Days, was 2 to 3 stories tall of sweepy gauze, dangling microphones and speakers and, at its center, a piano. When I experienced it, it was silent but just a short time later I heard the piano being played beautifully.
I couldn't quite capture this fisheyed beach panoramic head-on.
 Titled: Punch and Judy II Birth & Life & Sex & Death
 I really liked this one.
And this one too, Box of Wishes.
I was pleased to see a whole area reserved for the (now defunct?) Guerilla Girls.
This installation, Images of War (at a Distance), included 15 or so projection screens filled with videos centered on war: wargaming, videos from surveillance aircraft, lectures of battle breakdowns, equipment testing, etc.

Rockefeller Center

My time in NYC has been, surprisingly, low tempo. The friend I'm visiting, Gretchen, works far too much; the result for me is that I've been pulling some mondo sleep hours. After I bumble down in a groggy haze for a cup o' joe from one of the 10 or so coffee shops within a 3-block radius, I slowly get cleaned up then set out on foot.

Rockefeller Center looked just like I imagined, even without the Today Show crowds (too late for that) and without the seasonal ice-skating rink.
I did go into the NBC store, and I was tempted on two accounts: a "Master of My Domain" t-shirt and a Jack Donaghy magnet proclaiming "Rich 50 is like middle-class 38" but I left with my wallet intact.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Runnin' and Runnin'

A run in NYC today.

First, my came out to be 3.72 miles (thank you GoogleEarth).

Second, some observations...
-My first mile came in at six and a half minutes. While I'm an optimist, this was a clear sign that my Garmin 405 was having a difficult time acquiring satellites with the buildings.
-Running in the city is very very similar to trail running: some starts/stops, side-to-sides, fast then slow. Nothing at all like my normal runs.
-Central Park is surprisingly hilly. This made me sad thinking about all the level city around it. 
-I thought Central Park did not have vehicle traffic. This is not true.
-It's easier to run here than it is at 6700 feet (ahem, Wyoming).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New York City: a preview?

I got into JFK at almost midnight last night. After a taxi ride that took longer than it seemed like it should have, I was in the Upper East Side, texting and buzzing my friend Gretchen to let me in.

Alas, Gretchen had to leave town on business at the ungodly hour of 6 AM. She'll be back in a few days and during that time I get to bum around town and hang out with her Golden Retriever, Bella.

Me and Bella's first venture out was just a short time ago. After waking up at noon, I figured a cup o' joe wouldn't hurt so off we went. As soon as we walked out of Gretchen's apartment building, I was noticing that there were a whole lotta men around. As Bella and I walked, two handsome guys in suits who'd crossed the street, were walking a few paces behind us. It was at this time that Bella decided to poo. And this dog doesn't just pop a squat. No, she (somehow) poops and walks. The end result being that I am left picking up sizable dog poo over a ten-foot span in front of a couple of cute guys.

Good morning, New York! (Forget that I said I woke up at noon.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Raining in the Snowies

The past couple of days I've enjoyed a mini-vacation in Laramie, Wyoming. Catching up with friends, having a cocktail or two and bumming around the most cosmopolitan of Wyoming towns. On my drive back to Green River today, I opted to take the more scenic route out of Laramie and go through the Snowy Range. Once, what feels like a lifetime ago, I lived in Centennial (population 100) at the base of the Snowies. I was only there for about 6 months in 2002 but almost every day I was up exploring the hills, hiking, fishing, even snowmobiling a smidge. The two-lane going up and over is open only a few months out of the year so it's nice to drive it when it's an option. Today was mild, even though it was rainy, at a balmy 41 degrees fahrenheit.
As I recall, this little lake isn't always here.
Pure brilliance, Sarah. Donald Pliner flats in a wet mountain meadow
This is quite a view when not socked in by clouds. That's not a fox butt to the left of the trail, that's my poochie.
Even too cold and windy for the trees to grow right.
Mirror Lake.
Lake Marie.
Run off from Lake Marie.