Friday, August 12, 2011

To Brazov!

Not quite 24 hours in Brazov, Romania is far far too little time. And now I just have a hankering to come back in the winter to eat big meals, and be surrounded by hills covered in snow, and kind of get lost in the romance of Transylvania. Still, Brazov in the summer is damn nice.
These outdoor shade coverings (which were everywhere) inspired me and Mizz S's favorite new toast, "To Brazov! PROBABLY the best city in the world!"
This photo was inspired by a dreadfully incompetent good samaritan "photographer" that couldn't take a decent photo to save his life. Here, Mizz S recreates his photog skillz. Yes, I am wearing running shoes. We'd left our luggage in Bucharest and I opted for the comfy and versatile and reflective and vampire-evading shoes.
-Aug 13: Fly to Venice, overnight
-Aug 14: get to Slovenia somehow- most likely along the coast
-Aug 15/16: get to Croatia somehow- most definitely along the coast as well as Plitvice Lakes
-Aug 22: fly from Dubrovnik to Istanbul, with lots of bumming around Turkey, and a must-see of Derinkuyu
-Aug 28: USA, USA, USA!

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