Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Night of Dance

At the recommendation of Martha, I went to the final showing of Dunas at Gran Teatre del Liceu. The dance was breathtakingly beautiful- a combination of flamenco and contemporary with bits of Arabic influence thrown in. Largely the story of human isolation, attempts to connect, heartbreak and redemption; by the end when they danced next to each other, the feeling of relief was palpable in the theater.

I found a 'cliffnotes' version on YouTube. While I'm generally quite reserved with emotions in public, within seconds of the first dance where they're separated by fabric, I was reaching for my handkerchief.

I didn't take my camera with me but fortunately I had my cell, which brings us this craptastic photo of the very very end of the applause (which lasted, I swear, ten minutes).


EcoGrrl said...

what a beautiful unforgettable experience - how interesting how things come to us when we need them...?

Sarah said...

A lot of discussion this week about that very topic, Eco. People, things, experiences venturing into your life seemingly at random but obviously not so random...