Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sarah, The Explorer

In my lifetime there have been very few times when I've been offered a food that I was not willing to try. In fact, I can only think of once. But first......

My lunch today was along Las Ramblas (NW of the madness south of Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes), a street lined with outdoor cafes. I sat down and ordered a plate of sweet grilled peppers, and pity upon pity, sangria was only offered in half liters. Um, ok!

The peppers weren't quite what I was expecting (which would have been more like sliced bell peppers) but this, this was much much better. You can even see the large flaked salt. So delicious. I ate every one.

As for my next dish..... In my lifetime I have tried EVERY food offered to me but one. I was 12, I lived in Denver and my grandmother's husband who is Basque offered me blood sausage. It got about 4 inches from my face before I begged off. Didn't help that my mom and her siblings were calling it "clot sausage." In Madrid I had a dark colored, cured sausage that was quite tasty. So when I saw "black pork sausage" I was up for it. Once it was set before me and I found it somewhat visually unappealing, I thought of clot sausage. But I tried it, and most certainly knew it was blood sausage. I liked it. I confirmed with the waitstaff, and wish I'd not waited over 20 years to try this.

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EcoGrrl said...

yay! i did the same thing when i was in scotland with the blood sausage. not a huge fan but not grossed out either. i'll take the salmon up there over the meat, but hey. MORE food pix - love this!!!! enjoy these last days on solo, breathe in and breathe out :)