Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July on White Mountain, Wyoming

I spent Fourth of July with a couple of my nieces who invited me to watch the show from the Rock Springs Fairgrounds in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Instead of putting up with lines and parking lots, we drove up to the look-out on White Mountain. Up there with dwindling light and a little bit of time, the girls had their own mini-pyro show. The show from the fairgrounds kicked off a little after 9, coordinated with patriotic music played on the local radio station, we kept the windows down on the truck and bundled up in the bed of the truck. Alas, none of my pictures from the big show worked out but we all decided we liked the 'shaped' fireworks the most- we saw hearts, sunglasses, apples, lips and even an eyebrow (George Washington's!).
Our perch on White Mountain.
My niece Hal enjoyed these little firefly firecrackers.

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EcoGrrl said...

great shots - wow, talk about wide open spaces!