Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barcelona Tidbits

First, this.
My Catalan is far far worse than my Spanish but between the two I gathered, "In Barcelona, 1 in every 3 traffic mortalities is a pedestrian. Look where you are going."
The warning does fair little to dissuade those crossing against the light. And, once you're here a day or two, you'll be crossing against the light with a brief glance to ensure all is clear.

Some other things I am noticing:
-mullet dreads have fans in Spain. For boys.
-MC Hammer pants are in as well. For girls. Kind of a gypsy look.

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EcoGrrl said...

i want to hear more about the fooooood :) plus make sure to have a waitress snap your photo sometime OK? i almost forgot when i was in paris and only have one picture proving i was there!