Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet(water) Views

When I've told people that I am from Wyoming they often talk about the majestic mountains. Then I say, "No, no, SOUTHWEST Wyoming." So they (mistakenly) talk about the trees and forests. Or they (accurately) talk about desolation of the I-80 drive. Myself, I am in awe of the high desert plains.

The Views of Sweetwater County, Wyoming
Only a few wild horses were on the right side of the truck for me to take photos.
A mama, a papa and a baby wild horse.
The sun is a heart.
Green River, Wyoming is nestled down between these rock formations.

My niece was my photography adventure buddy.


EcoGrrl said...

damn girl these are some gorgeous photos!!! what a book you'll have to put together after the end of the journey! love the horses :)

btw my friend jake just Fb'd from barcelooona, eating snails in the public market and literally ran into a guy from pdx he knows. ha!

Gertie said...

Wow Sarah, those are some amazing photos! Absolutely breathtaking. I am loving this blog, keep it up! :-)

Rebecca said...

whoa...i don't remember it ever looking that unbelievable. what kind of camera are you using?

Sarah said...

Thanks youz guyz! Becca, I gotta say the skies around GR were quite unusual and I'm pleased to have gotten those pics- without any added effects! The camera is a Canon T2i- as recommended by my good friend Gertie, above.

Maddi said...

i wasnt in a good mood till i saw these miss you!!