Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heaven is in Madrid

Yesterday walking along Calle del Arenal, I stopped briefly to look at a used bookseller's stand. I don't need any books, nor did I buy any but this stop was fortuitous because I looked up and saw this:
Admittedly, it doesn't look too impressive in this photo. But, like a red fluorescent light on a hill, I focused on what was important.
Chocolateria! Well it was hot but I am a gal that's always up for some quality chocolate so I mosied up the little street and I found Chocolateria San Gines- NOT a chocolate shop, rather this is where you can get liquid chocolate, una taza de chocolate
While it is served warm, it's not really hot chocolate but it's also not really pudding. It's an in-betweener, perhaps closer to pudding but like the best pudding of your life with none of that gelatinous-y mixture- more like REAL liquid chocolate but not so sweet.
Apparently the way to consume this little delicacy is by dipping unsweetened churros in it, but I just had mine plain- alternating between sipping it and using a spoon. It's thick enough that I think the spoon is the best way.
I'm leaving Madrid tomorrow for Barcelona so today is my last full day. The only thing I HAVE TO do? Another taza de chocolate.

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EcoGrrl said...

i love this story!!! yes we have one or two places here that serve that - but with churros, dang!! YUM.... so glad everything is happening so beautifully for you!