Friday, July 22, 2011

Barcelona, me encanta!

620 kilometers from Madrid to Barcelona.
Ran me 30 euros and 9 hours by bus.
(Trains shmains, at 130 euros they can keep 'em.)

But I'm here now, and had a few hours to explore the city before the sun went down and I tuckered out. I plan to be here for, oh, a little over two weeks, unless I get distracted and spend a few days out in neighboring areas. Already I'm in love with this town- it's got a completely different vibe than Madrid. More international, more touristy too (alas), but more friendly and, my lady friends, the men of Barcelona are where it's at. They got this hunky thing working for them, more rough hewn that Madridenos. No photos in that regard, you'll just have to trust me.

I'm staying in Gracia but I walked down to the old town for a bite and some site seeing. This is from Plaza Catalunya this evening.

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