Sunday, July 31, 2011

Relaxing Sunday at Guell Park

After yesterday's torrential downpour, the humidity was way way up today and Saturday's shut-ins were out in force. Given that Guell Park is up a substantial hill from where I am staying, and much of the 15 hectares are hill-covered I had the, sad to say not unusual, experience of sweating worse than a construction worker. Hill upon hill, followed by stair upon stair, but the view of Barcelona toward the sea was worth it.
Although this park was designed by Gaudi, much of it reminded me of the Flintstones.
But there was still classic Gaudi to behold.
Let's not forget it's an actual park with nooks and crannies (one where I came upon a man ostensibly urinating, although he was facing the walkway and vigorously shaking...sadly, my unimpressed expression was obscured by my oversize glasses), birds to make even Alfred Hitchcock blanch, and many actual beautiful flowers.
Tonight I believe I am going to head back downtown to catch a blues act, Big Mama and the Crazy Blues Band. Here's a song from YouTube, Don't Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down (word to my sisters, yo).

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kellyerace said...

Dude, what is it with Spain and public masturbation? I saw it like 3 times there. Maybe hot American chicks just have that effect...