Monday, November 14, 2011

Loving Loving Tilba Tilba

I realize posts have been fairly sparse since I've arrived in Tilba Tilba. The gentlemen that are my hosts are generous enough to allow me to use their internet but they're bumping up against their monthly data usage so I've opted not to upload pictures out of deference. I'm off to Canberra tomorrow and hope to cozy up to some sweet bandwidth and will then post a bit about my stay here in Tilba Tilba but until then,,,,,, just one picture. Yes, I've been staying here. Or, more accurately, at the house about a quarter mile up this road. Yes, it is this pretty and even more so in person.


EcoGrrl said...

holy moly. i'm so there.

Kim Houssenloge said...

Hi there. I'm loving hearing about your time in Tilba and I also love, love, love the photo in this post of Tilba. I'm a blogger living on the far south coast and I wanted to put a photo of beautiful scenery on my blog for n up and coming post. I've been going through my photos of Tilba but after googling I'm loving yours much more:) Would it be OK to use your photo on my blog post and, of course credit you and link back to your blog? Totally understand if you'd rather I don't. Thanks for sharing aobut our beautiful far south coast:) Kind wishes Kim

Sarah said...

Kim- Thank you so much for your comment and for asking about my photo. Yes, please feel free to use it with credit. :)