Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Killer Views of Killer Whales

Whale watching excursions are all up and down the east coast of Australia from what I can tell. I lucked out in that Evelyn (my host) knew where to go to perch and watch the whales for free, and without the accompanying ocean sickness I would most assuredly have had on a boating excursion.

We drove into Booderee National Park and, after a short walk, came upon the abandoned lighthouse (there's another one across the mouth of Jervis Bay and, apparently, two lighthouses near one another does not spell success for seafaring sorts) and stayed put for a little while. Our patience was rewarded.
There was a large whale out in the distance (easier to spot the splashes than the body itself).
Nearer in was a mama whale and a precocious baby whale. The mama whale occasionally came up to the surface but the baby was a show off, emerging just like this picture probably 30 times.
My whale watching companions, Evelyn and one of her ol' college buddies, Lynn, who was up visiting from Melbourne.


EcoGrrl said...

blue blue blue! i love it! i see this trip as full of beautiful unexpected moments for you :)

jay said...

Love the lighthouse ruins....maybe a dawn or sunset photo of that spot, assuming you can get back to it at the right time of day?