Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ooh, Alice.

Flew to Alice Springs on December 6th from Cairns. If you don't know, Alice Springs is in almost the very center of Australia. Flying in, looking out at the red red dirt and the open open land, I was reminded of a t-shirt I saw once about Cheyenne, Wyoming that said "Cheyenne: it's not the end of the world (but you can see it from here)" - Alice Springs is an old telegraph station that managed to live on as the largest town in the middle of far flung mining sites. Almost everything about The Alice reminded me of Southwest Wyoming- the landscape, the people, the hard scrabble existence, the beautiful sunsets. The biggest downside to Alice was that my hostel was,,,,,mmmn, er,,,,, it had a lot of character. What it did NOT have was air con. Temps well over a hundred during the day, and hardly below 90 at night.
 Some views from ANZAC hill. As hard as it is to believe, these pictures are, indeed, Alice Springs and not Sweetwater County, Wyoming.
 The actual ANZAC memorial.
 The aboriginal significance of the hill. You go, arragutye alknarintye.
 Lastly, sunset.


jaymo said...

Gorgeous sunset, and I like your spunk on the "Alice Springs" sign. Going to have to go to Outback and get some chicken I suppose.

EcoGrrl said...

great pic ya sassy grrl!