Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm a 35-year old woman who lives with her mom.

I left my mother's house when I was, oh, 16 maybe 17 but this middle-aged baby bird has returned to the nest. (wink nod to the similarly-aged friend who abhors my use of "middle aged.") I won't live here long, uh, 10 days or so? Maybe that's a visit. Since I don't have a home saying that I live with my mom makes me laugh.

Yesterday I left my temporary digs in Vegas and cruise controlled it all the way up to Southwest Wyoming. It was 110 degrees in Vegas as I packed the car, and packed and packed and packed, realizing I woefully underestimated how much crap I had to do as I leisurely drank tea that morning. By the time the car was loaded my hair was as wet as my t-shirt. Niiice. The temps didn't start dropping till I neared Provo, Utah so I had to keep the a/c cranked, unsure how much air was getting to my blockaded doggie in the far far back. She survived so it must not've been too bad.

The drive was uneventful but the high-desert plains of SW Wyoming surprised me. I've never seen them so green. Lots of rain recently but mostly snowpack that is 200% above the norm from what I've been told. I pulled into Green River just as the sun was making its final gasping breaths, and the temps were a heavenly 75ish.

Some pictures from yesterday:

The Las Vegas sun looks so friendly and harmless at 6 am. Lies, all lies. June 28, 2011.
Times like these I'm glad I opted for the dorky ass mom wagon.
I think the only legal requirement is the front window remain unobstructed. Somewhere in Utah on I-15.
Admittedly, driving and taking pictures is dangerous but tell me you wouldn't scramble for your camera with an evening sky like this. The bug splatter on the windshield can't even ruin this scene. Halfway between Salt Lake City, Utah and Evanston, Wyoming on I-80. June 28, 2011.


EcoGrrl said...

Where's your first stop? Yes, lotsa pix and commentary please :)

Sarah said...

Ah yes, perhaps I was not too clear. Green River, Wyoming is my first stop (family). But you just gave me a great idea- short term itineraries. Will post posthaste.