Thursday, February 9, 2012

BBQ Beat Down

It appears I'm in a Muay Thai/MMA/Crossfit mecca from my locale here in Phuket. And while this post is a bit delayed in coming, I feel it's still worth it in order to show exactly what I mean. Hence, the BBQ Beat Down from Tiger Muay Thai. They host the BBQ along with the Muay Thai and MMA bouts the last Saturday of every month.

(The BBQ portion of the Beat Down was fine but not necessarily photo or blog worthy.)
I found that I enjoyed the Muay Thai more than the MMA.
But, then again, I still found things I liked about the MMA rounds. *ahem*
Off topic, my best guess is that upwards of 80% of people at the Beat Down had tattoos. But this guy was unique in that his HEAD IS TATTOOED. Which leaves his only career option as an extra in prison movies, right? (Note that I took this picture surreptitiously and from a distance, although I was told he's quite nice.)
And further off-topic: this is how to tell if the place you're going to is hopping here in Phuket.....scooter convergance.

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